About - MaineCoonCrafts

Creatively Re-Creating and Re-Inventing

The recession in 2008 brought me to a major turning point, just lost my job, unemployment running out and job prospects looking grim at best. What to do? I started playing around with the idea of starting my own business, something which I had done previously during the 90's when I was designing costume jewelry and accessories. I had had success in the industry until the shift to imports from China turned domestic design and production into a thing of the past. Now as then, I needed to shift gears and re-invent my future career path.

The online marketplace was just getting going, Etsy was new and exciting, and the internet offered many venues to set up shop and start selling.

What to sell? my education and experience were in jewelry, but the market seemed saturated. By chance when I was on vacation I stumbled across a close-out of high end yarns, fibers and incredible trims that inspired me. Got a refresher course in knitting and crochet from my Mom and started making hats and scarves, incorporating my jewelry with the fibers, graphics, painting and creating a line of hair accessories as well.

My Maine Coon Cat who is always supervising me, gave me the inspiration for the name, Etsy gave me the platform and tools to set up shop. I added a website, facebook and social media to my plan, as well as a blog.

I work seven days, spending hours online promoting, designing and filling orders. I live for the reviews I get from my customers and strive to improve and address every detail to make my customers shopping experience a memorable one. I love creating with color and mixed media and look forward to the day that I can officially "quit my day job" and pursue Maine Coon Crafts as a full time Designer/Creator/Owner.

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